Mautic plugins

The following Mautic plugins are our own Mautic developments which can extend the capabilities of Mautic as a 1-1 standalone solution, thus extending the functionality of our marketing automation system.

Our LeadEngine service has by default all of the following features.

However, when used with a standalone Mautic
they can also be purchased and installed separately.

Version: 2.1.3
If your contac data is only stored in Mautic and the 'Do Not Contact' flag doesn't always meet GDPR requirements, you may use our plugin to hash or delete personal data of contacts that are put to Do Not Contact list. Your database thus will satisfy 100% both GDPR requirements and occasional official or support requests.
Version: 2.2.1
Use Hungary's oldest in operation and most reliable mass-mailer service. With the integration comes perfect cooperation between Mautic and SenderEngine with all the benefits (Hungarian senders, reliable bounce handling, recipient-optimized sending)