Efficient online marketing

Squeeze more from your existing online marketing communication, and increase your sales simply, and efficiently via our marketing automatization system.

marketing automatizáció

Data driven marketing communication

Automatic campaign journeys, multichannel communication, safe database management. Apply for Demo access, and get to know our free marketing automatization platform.

automatizált kampány journey-k, perszonalizált kommunikáció

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Take your communication with your customers to a new level!

Multichannel kommunikáció

Reach your potential or already existing customer via relevant channels

Create a long term contact with your buyers and treat them like customers. Start it even before, they would shop, build your own database according to GDPR rules.

Create charming, responsive homepages for your potential customers, and visitors. Make a registration page, where your visitors can sign up and in exchange they get access to valuable contents and sales.

Collect your subscribers via pop-ops, push messages and the most trendy chatbots which are placed on your website.

All this at one place, simply in LeadEngine.

Keep the interest of your (potential) customers, build your own brand.

Build your connection with messages sent to your clients via email, sms, pop-up, phone or web push notification. Offer relevant, downloadable contents to your subscribers, and help them throughout the shopping process.

Edit responsive newsletter simply using drag&drop method. Personalise your messages, and set a unique sender. Personalize the message, make your offer according to the behaviour and data of your subscribers.

All this with the LeadEngine user friendly campaign designer.

Automata kampányvarázsló

Maximize your sales conversion

Communicate with all your subscribers via their preferred channel, and encourage them to shop. Follow the process of shopping, and help your customers find the most suitable product.

Create automated, event based campaigns Send welcoming, basket leaving, transactional, re-activating or cross selling messages for a greater sales revenue.

Increase the efficiency of  your retargeting campaign. With our intelligent recommendation system you can create personalized offers for your customers.

All this with the LeadEngine event based campaign solutions.

Increase the loyalty of your customers, generate returning buyers.

Don’t let go of the buyers’s hand after the shopping, increase their commitment with special discounts, and create brand loyalty. Create a tighter relationship with your buyers, and collect feedback from them, in order to raise your services to a higher level.

Rate and tag your buyers, then allocate your marketing resources to the really valuable customers. Use your data, segment the members according to their shoppings and interests, and send them personal, dynamic content.

Activate your old buyers. Collect feedback from your customers, and correct your services according to the needs of the clients.

All this intelligently, based on the data collected in LeadEngine.

Lead scoring

Follow your results in order to optimize your marketing-communication expenses.

Allocate your marketing resources to the really valuable leads. Identify the best performing channels, campaigns, offers, and the target group with the most potential with the help of our detailed statistics.

Increase efficiency of your marketing activities with the integration and automatization of the processes of your existing systems.

All this with the support of the expert, consultant team behind LeadEngine.

Contact us, if you wish to get to know our system better or apply for a free demo account.


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Technological background

Google cloud platform


Google cloud platform

We chose out of the 3 largest virtual servers on the world, so that we could provide our services smoothly, flexible, and reliable, even in the cases of special needs.

Localized sender


Localized sender

We maximize the delivery of the letters with our own hungarian serverpark and with its own solutions to satisfy every need, and our expert support team will be at your service with quick and direct solutions.




There is multiple support of external softwares available on our platform, but if this proved to be insufficient, further extensions (plugin) could be used to personalize the operation, in the case of consulting or technical implementation you can ask for our help.




Our services can be connected almost without boundaries with your existing softwares via our sophisticated REST API, based on accurate documentation or with a programmer's help as well.
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