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Would you like to send messages to a limited number of randomly selected contacts? Our plugin provides you with the solution for that!



By the Mautic factory tools, it is possible to create segments, which means sorting users according to certain rules. 

A member can be added to a segment:

  • manually (eg.: during import or as a result of a campaign step)
  • using a filter

If a segment is using filters, all eligible contacts get filtered into the segment.

The ‘Randomized Segment’ plug-in allows you to limit the number of members entering a segment and also makes membership random.

How does it work?


Randomness is realized by so-called seeded randomness . This means that the random result  with a given input value (seed) will not be shuffled by every segment update, but will always remain the same if all other filter conditions are unchanged.

* Mautic treats updating segments defined by filters as an intermittent background process during which looks to see if there is a member that meets the filter criteria but is not in the segment and vica-versa

The input value (seed) that determines the order of randomness is the segment alias.

As a result, if we create two randomized segments with the same filters but with different aliases we will get different members.

If necessary, the rearrangement of a randomized segment can be induced by changing the alias.


The number of members you want to select in the segment can be specified in the Filter Criteria. The number of segment members will never exceed the specified number.

The limit can be changed. Changing the limit does not involve a complete rearrangement. If you change it down, one member will drop out, if you change it up, new members will get selected in.

If you change it down and then reset it to the original value, the same members will be included.

Filter compatibility

Randomization works with other filter conditions. 

It is possible to create a direct segment with specific filters and select a specific number of pieces from it.  

But it is also possible to select from a segment that meets all the criteria or manually by creating a new segment.

What can it be used for?

Test group

The plugin allows you to create small test groups. Once our campaign is complete and we want to try it out on a small test group, we select a random segment from the entire target group and run the campaign on that segment first. If we’re happy with the results, we can target the entire audience. If you perform changes on the campaign, you may create a new test group by changing the test group segment alias.

A/B test

Using the plugin generating a test group and generating a second segment, which is the previous randomized collation complementary to the entire target group.

Dynamic Content can be filtered by segment membership.


By creating a randomized segment, members can be randomly selected to be nominated as winners of a sweepstakes. 

The source segment of the collation can be a segment into which members have been automatically automated, but it can also be selected from ad-hoc imported members.


You may not want all members eligible to participate in a campaign to participate in a campaign at the same time. The extension allows you to divide your target audience into several smaller segments and use a ‘Feeder’ campaign to feed members into the actual campaign by shifting over time.


The plugin requires phpbolt php extension to be installed in the runtime environment.
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  • new function All the functions our Mautic 3.*.* version ever contained, in a brand new Mautic 4.*.* flavour.
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Version history


  • new function All the functions our Mautic 3.*.* version ever contained, in a brand new Mautic 4.*.* flavour.