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Automation personalized to your company: We provide all the tools of the modern digital communication at one place, so you can increase the efficiency of your marketing campaign comfortably. You can easily handle your messages and your  already existing and future customers.

Multichannel kommunikáció


Your message reaches its destination, at the right time and place! You can address everyone via the channel acceptable for them: email, SMS, push notification or a well placed pop-up on your website.

Automata kampányvarázsló

campaign studio

Visualize your campaign and design it transparently! The complex system of certain communication processes can be reviewed quickly with a graphic illustration, and modified easily.

Digital asset management

Digital asset

Handle your website’s visual and text contents safely and simply, edit short descriptions or frequently updating news, perhaps interactive catalogs with pictures

Landing oldalak és formok

Landing pages
and forms

You can easily create spectacular and efficient homepages, which can be optimized for multiple target groups, with different contents and designs in order to increase the number of registrations.

Profilépítés és szegmentáció

Profile building
and segmentation

Follow the activity of your clients, form your strategies and make them come true comfortably! You can identify target groups between your clients, which mirror real interest.

Statisztika, weboldal analitika és benchmark

Statistics, website analytics
and benchmark

There is a huge amount of data available from the classical statistical measures to the professional multi channel comparisons. We will help you to forge an advantage from them!

Dinamikus tartalom


Forget the messages addressed to the large crowds: address your target groups one by one or their individual members, automatically, with content relevant for them, building trust and increasing the success!

Adatbázis menedzsment


Your lists are available at one place, with all the information needed. Demographic and behaviour data, and unique values can be found, which could increase the success of your campaign.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring

Use our system to get to know your clients better, follow their activities (shoppings, email readings, opinion writings, etc.) and form a loyalty program based on real needs!



You can publish your products on international markets, and the multilanguage is no longer a time consuming process. With our system the contentmanagement will be swift, precise, and simple in the future.

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