We don’t just give you a system, but instead customized, ready-to-use marketing tool.

If you need professional help to customize the system, you can ask for it via a unique quote:

Üzleti konfiguráció

Business configuration

We deal with the customization of the system to the tiniest details, which includes the uploading of the databases, the preparing and the uploading of the unique field values and the templates, the installing of the plug-ins, and the designing of categories.

Saját arculattal rendelkező sablonok elkészítése


Do you wish to work with personalized templates? We are available to help with the creation of digital appearance designs and coding: landing sites, contact or registrational form, push message, pop-up, email.

Vezetői dashboardok és operatív riportok elkészítése

Professional reports

We provide a helping hand in the expert evaluation of the results:if only the most important numbers are needed, we make spectacular leading dashboards, while if you want to deepen in the details, we make automatic operative reports.

Teljeskörű kampánymenedzsment

Campaign management

You can ask for the designing and/or the implementation of customer journey from our experienced colleges according to your goals, digital content management: email, landing site, push message designing, editing, testing

Stratégiai tanácsadás

Strategic consulting

Ask for the advice of our experts in order to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the system:  lead scoring and sales systems forming, sweepstakes, influencer network construction, data analysis and insights generating, connection to business systems.

Testreszabott ügyfélkiszolgálás

Personalized customer service

You can contact us with any unique needs! Our colleagues will be at your service with flexible and expert knowledge, even forming the processes or the technical conditions.

Ask for our unique offer!

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